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Heather is a lady with a mission and long list of achievements. As a leading healthcare and anti-ageing visionary, she is passionate about finding ways to make the life-enhancing medical breakthroughs of the new anti-ageing medical science, bio-technology and preventive health care available to as many people as possible. She organises and sponsors Anti-Ageing Conferences and Seminars, lectures regularly worldwide and has established London’s premier Anti-Ageing Clinic, Medi-Spa and much more.

Welcome to my official website. This site will bring you information on ways to better your life and the lives of those around you through pro-active healthcare and environmental changes.

I have tried to devote my professional life to making preventative healthcare accessible to all, not only those who are well-off. In my London clinics, together with treatments, clients are offered educational information which they can later utilise at home with their families.

Over the years, while working with medical professionals, I began to realise the need for further scientific education in preventative healthcare, and committed to facilitate this by organizing medical conferences and seminars in the hope of bringing the message of pro-active healthcare to all medical practitioners.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that the environment we live in often dictates an unhealthy lifestyle and as such is crucial to our well-being. Living stress-fuelled lives in an ever increasingly polluted world affects our daily lives from infancy to our later years. I believe we should all pitch in to try and better our living environment and aim for a harmonious and clean existence.

This site will provide you with information about my company (HB Health), the medical conference (AACL) and seminars we offer, while also providing you with valuable information on pro-active things you can do today to help yourself and others. Please join me on a journey for a better life in a better world.

Best wishes,
Heather Bird

Why Heather is so Excited about Anti-Ageing and 21st Century Medicine?

People are living longer now than ever before in history. It is important that those extended years be healthy, vital, high quality years. Fortunately, there is a revolution in medical technology and health care taking place. We are entering a new era, where medical technology is being developed that can slow and perhaps even reverse the physical and mental deterioration normally attributed to ageing. It is generally accepted now by experts in the field that the premature deterioration from cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders may be delayed and, at best prevented entirely. 21st Century Medicine is not only about the extension of youthful health and vitality, but also a paradigm shift in focus from treating symptoms after disease has occurred to early detection and prevention of disease and promotion of optimal health and well-being for all ages.

Heather Bird’s Background

Although she is not a health care professional, she calls upon her business and other skills to advance the cause about which she feels so strongly. She has a Masters of Business Administration, and has worked for the World Health Organization. During her early career, Heather worked in nursing homes, caring for the elderly suffering from age-related diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. She was very moved by the dreadful effects of ageing and age related degenerative diseases. Later when she learned about the revolutionary new anti-ageing medicine, she became inspired and embarked upon her crusade to make the benefits of anti-ageing and preventive medicine available to as many people as possible.

Over the years, Heather has developed a great knowledge and understanding of anti-ageing medicine and treatments through extensive research and study with renowned doctors in this field. This has resulted in her bringing together world-renowned anti-ageing specialists to establish HB Health and introduce to the UK innovative treatments and therapies that will enable her clients to live high quality, more active and enjoyable lives. Heather travels a great deal and searches the world for the latest breakthroughs in anti-ageing and recruits the finest experts for her clinics.

  • Founder and President of HB Health Clinics, London, UK
  • Chairperson of the Anti-Ageing Conference London (AACL)
  • Board of Directors of the World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (WAAAM)
  • Board of Directors of the European Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine (ESAAM)
  • Founder and member of the Board of Directors of the British Society of AntiAgeing Medicine (BSAAM)