HB Health

Heather is the Founder and President of HB Health, which is leading the health care revolution in Europe. Her two clinics in London specialise in both external and internal anti-ageing and preventive medicine. “HB Health is a one stop shop for all your healthcare needs,” says Heather, “and for taking care of the body inside and out.” Heather seeks out cutting edge technology and doctors in the vanguard of anti-ageing and 21st century medicine from around the world, in order to make this knowledge and expertise available to her clients. HB Health has cutting edge diagnostics and programmes tailored to individual needs to help patients achieve their optimum health and realize the full potential of their lives. The focus of internal anti-ageing medicine is on: optimum health and well-being, early detection of silent but preventable disease, preventing and reversing the degenerative conditions associated with ageing, Biological Age Testing, and Natural Bio-identical Hormone Replacement and Balancing (BHRT). External anti-ageing includes: medical aesthetic treatments, holistic therapies, skincare and Medispa. HB Health also provides personally tailored weight management, stress management, and nutrition and exercise programmes.

Heather is aware of the difficulties of maintaining health in the modern fast paced lifestyle, and of the difficulty people have in making needed changes to their lifestyles for better health. Therefore, HB Health also provides resources and programmes to support patients and enable them to implement the changes needed in their lives to improve their health and to de-stress. One of her latest additions to make it easier for very busy people to maintain adequate nutrition for good health is the HB Health Organic Green Juice Bar, which features unique healthy drinks made from balanced combinations of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. This enables one to obtain effortlessly an attractive and amazingly tasty “vitamin and mineral bomb”.

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